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Automatic Classification Technology Of Gearbox

Ningbo Xinhong Hydraulic Co.,Limited | Updated: Oct 09, 2017

With the automatic transmission from the original hydraulic control into electronic control, maintenance personnel have recognized that a large part of the root causes of failure in fact from the valve body, which is due to the higher degree of electronic control, the valve body in the hydraulic control parts movement frequency The higher the easier, the more prone to mechanical wear and tear leading to hydraulic leakage.Gearbox

However, the repair of the valve body is also the most complex part of the mechanical parts of the automatic transmission. Most maintenance personnel do not know the details of the inside of the valve body. Generally, the other areas that can be excluded are excluded. On, and generally also by replacing the valve assembly to determine whether the fault exists in the valve body. Only part of the willing to in-depth study of the maintenance staff will be deep into the valve body, the valve body to a certain degree of testing and maintenance.Gearbox

Automatic transmission by the torque converter, planetary gear mechanism and control system, hydraulic torque converter and control valve body is the most expensive automatic transmission 2 assembly, in our daily maintenance, due to the hydraulic torque Device failure can not use the detection equipment to find, so there is a certain degree of difficulty. When the vehicle appears in the 30 ~ 50km / h below the acceleration is bad, the speed rise slowly, after the low speed zone after the acceleration of a good fault, it is likely to support the torque converter within the one-way clutch slip.Gearbox

After the engine heat engine, the four wheels with triangular wood or brick plug, tighten the parking brake, slam the foot brake pedal, with the eye staring at the engine tachometer, the throttle completely step in the end, such as the engine stall speed was significantly lower At the specified value, the one-way clutch slips that support the guide pulley in the torque converter are described. Replace the torque converter assembly or cut the torque converter with the lathe, and then replace the guide wheel and one-way clutch to remove the fault.Gearbox

One-way clutches supporting the guide pulley are stuck, feeling a little like the engine exhaust, but the engine exhaust is cold when the cold start difficult. Open the air filter cover, remove the filter, the engine quickly accelerated here to see the exhaust gas back, and support the one-way clutch clutch chuck, will not lead to exhaust gas reflux.Gearbox

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