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Calculation Method Of Hydraulic Winch

Ningbo Xinhong Hydraulic Co.,Limited | Updated: Aug 04, 2017

               1. The technical parameters of each type of winch are given in the rated tensile strength of the first layer of wire rope near the reel. Users often need the outermost pull, at this point can be converted to the following methods. 1) Set: Known: the bottom diameter of the reel (mm), wire rope diameter d (mm) around the rope layer x (1, 2, 3, ...), the first layer of wire rope tension F1 (KN) is known.Hydraulic Winch

               2. Find the X-layer tensile (KN) 2. The diameter d of the steel wire rope given in the technical parameters of the rope is calculated as the recommended value, because the winch has different safety requirements according to working condition in various machines. For this reason, the safety factor is not the same, in the case of important security issues, the safety factor to take a large value, at this time in the same tension of wire rope diameter should be selected than the table recommended larger, for no safety problems, unimportant occasions the diameter of wire rope can be selected than the recommended value in the Because of the change of the diameter d of the wire rope, the capacity of the same winch is changed, the theoretical capacity of the rope should be recalculated, the approximate theory of the capacity of the rope L computer method is in the formula, B-reel between the two stalls width of the rope (m); d0-reel Bottom Diameter (mm) d-wire rope diameter (mm); the actual usable rope amount of X-rope layer L, should take into account to prevent line prolapse, to the theoretical capacity of rope L minus 3 lap length, but also consider the spacing of the rope arrangement.Hydraulic Winch

               3. Calculation of theoretical flow of fuel pump when the rope speed of the winch x layer is known by the user, the theoretical flow of the winch pump is as follows: In the formula, the volume efficiency of the VX X-layer (/) d0-reel (mm) x layer D wire rope diameter (mm) σq-winch Total Displacement (Ml/rev) η1-pump η1=0.88~0.97η2-system Valve Volume efficiency η2=0.985~0.995η3-Hydraulic Motor volumetric efficiency Η3=0 97~0.98.Hydraulic Winch

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