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Characteristics And Methods Of Hydraulic Winch

Ningbo Xinhong Hydraulic Co.,Limited | Updated: Aug 07, 2017

     Characteristics of Hydraulic Winch: The winch adopts hydraulic transmission, which reduces the components that produce electric spark. Using squirrel cage motor, so that the control of electrical appliances simple, easy to make riot-type. Therefore, the use of hydraulic winch is an effective way to solve the whole riot problem of coal mine winch. Because of the pipeline to transfer pressure oil, so the hydraulic components and a variety of mechanical devices are easy to layout, the installation of each component can be placed at any appropriate location, so as to facilitate the hydraulic winch long-distance operation.Hydraulic Winch
    1. According to the transmission mode: (1) Hydraulic winch (2) Hydraulic winch 2. According to the mode of operation: (1) manual operation of hydraulic winch (2) Remote hydraulic winch (3) Remote mechanical control mode hydraulic Winch (4) Automation or semi-automatic operation of hydraulic winch. According to the use of hydraulic winch: (1) Mine hydraulic winch (2) Construction hydraulic Winch 3 hydraulic winch for marine use 4) metallurgy, forestry and other hydraulic winch.
The development of the underground riot-proof hydraulic winch in coal mine is used in the coal and methane outburst mine. Vibration conveyor In the start-up, braking or non-constant operation process, because of the elastic wave of the conveyor belt to make the tensioning system in a certain scale of vibration; transmission Drive stress Peak impact tensioning system of the force sensor, so that the taken over to the signal and predetermined control of the signal is not appropriate, causing tension system of electric thoughts frequent movements, serious words will affect the normal production of coal mines. The automatic tensioning system is a tensioning system which can automatically adjust the Tensioning force in the process of the conveyor, which is composed of the motor, the brake, the steel wire rope roller and so on.Hydraulic Winch
    The work of hydraulic winch and the use of hydraulic winch is the operation of explosion-proof electrical ideas to drive emulsion pump, and then the emulsion pump to drive variable hydraulic motor, hydraulic motor will power through the process reducer drag drum move. The fixed geometrical position relation between the driving parts of the mechanical driving winch decides the design structure of the system, the transformation of the structure is less than the size of the transmission system, and the total weight of the installation is complicated. Often need careful processing of the plane and meticulous positioning of the parts difficult to achieve large-scale CVT the position of the original idea is not variable in the case of load, it is difficult to achieve a smooth inversion through the process of using hydraulic coincidence, can be in the case of the maximum torque.Hydraulic Winch

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