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Classification Of Car Gearbox

Ningbo Xinhong Hydraulic Co.,Limited | Updated: Jul 14, 2017

           ① manual transmission (MT). Manual speed change in the operation must be on the clutch, can be dialed to move the variable lever. Generally speaking, if the driver is technically good, the manual variable speed of the car in the acceleration, overtaking faster than the automatic speed, but also save oil; The manual shift shift is more complex, the driver is more demanding, the driving safety, the impact of the shift is easy to cause the impact of comfort.Gearbox

           ② automatic transmission (at). Automatic transmission can be based on the throttle pedal level and speed changes, automatic speed change, the driver only need to manipulate the speed pedal to control the speed can. The automatic blocking operation is simple, safe and comfortable, but its cost is high, the fuel consumption is big, the economic performance is poor, in the oil price is rising today will be a small amount of expenditure, in addition, compared with manual block, automatic car acceleration performance is poor, lack of driving pleasure.

           ③ manual/Automatic transmission (AMT). The manual/automatic transmission is provided with a "+", a "-" select the retaining position, in the D block, can be freely convertible (-) or block (+), like manual block, it can make the car not limited to the traditional automatic blocking, so that motorists enjoy the pleasure of manual shift. Because there is no hydraulic torque converter, compared with at, AMT mechanical efficiency is higher, the power loss is smaller, the economy is better, but the AMT has complicated structure and high cost.

          ④ CVT [3]. CVT is actually a kind of automatic transmission, but its transmission ratio can be continuously changed, there is no shift of the sudden jump feeling. Stepless transmission overcomes the common automatic transmission "sudden shift", low throttle response, high fuel consumption disadvantage; but when it starts or accelerates, the transmission belt is prone to slip phenomenon, causing the power transmission to be affected, thus affecting the acceleration feeling, secondly, the transmission belt to the material request is relatively high, although the structure is simple, but if fails, the general maintenance cost is more expensive Gearbox

          ⑤ dual-clutch automatic transmission (DSG). DSG dual-clutch transmission is one of the most popular new transmissions in recent years, its system is mainly composed of two sets of clutch pieces of the dual-clutch device, a solid shaft and its outer sleeve combination of the dual drive shaft mechanism, as well as the control of singular and double gear. In the whole shift process, when a set of gears in the output power, another set of gears is already in the meshing state, DSG always maintain a set of gears in the output power, there will be no interruption of power transmission, but also to ensure accelerated continuity and the process of shift will not appear frustrated sense.Gearbox

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