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Does The Gearbox Have Any Loss To The Car?

Ningbo Xinhong Hydraulic Co.,Limited | Updated: Oct 20, 2017

Hydraulic automatic transmission is one of the most widely used transmissions now, and many of the cars sold in the market use hydraulic automatic transmissions. The hydraulic automatic transmission is also known as a hydraulic torque converter due to the use of a wet coupling (clutch).Gearbox

The automatic transmission is driven by the hydraulic torque converter's turbine driving the oil to transfer the power, every time from the P block to D block or the reverse process, will cause the oil to the turbine to produce a small impact, long time, easy to cause loss to the turbine, the life of the oil will be shortened. Therefore, wait for a red light in a short period of dozens of seconds or two minutes, just hang in the D block, step on the brakes can be, do not have to go back and forth shift. Although this is indeed more oil than the n block, it is a small problem compared to the loss of the gearbox.Gearbox

This process is very easy to complete on the manual car type, as long as you step on the clutch, you can freely switch between any gear except for the reverse gear. But to the automatic car type, this is a very dangerous behavior, this is not only a big impact on the body, but also a costly automatic transmission will have a devastating damage, very detrimental to the life of the gearbox. Therefore, whenever and wherever the need to operate an automatic transmission, the first thing to do is to completely stop the vehicle, and then change gears. Of course, for the manual operation of the hand-operated transmission mode, there is no need to have such concerns, in the road can be based on speed to switch the appropriate gear.Gearbox

When the automatic transmission is hung in the P block, it will be locked inside, and if the driver wheel is towed at this time, the locking mechanism inside the gearbox connected with the driving wheel will be pulled up, resulting in serious damage. Therefore, in case of a faulty trailer, it must be placed in n gear; if it is a situation like a parking violation, you have to lift the drive wheel. Therefore, the automatic car parking should also be particularly careful, once the traffic police are not understand the car dragged the gearbox has no ground to complain.Gearbox

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