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Dynamic Classification Of Hydraulic Winch

Ningbo Xinhong Hydraulic Co.,Limited | Updated: Sep 04, 2017

      A winch is a lightweight lifting device (see hoisting machinery), also known as a hoist, that uses a reel to wrap a wire rope or chain to lift or haul weights. Winch can be used alone, can also be used as lifting, road construction and mine hoist components in the machinery, because the operation is simple, the rope around large, easy to move and widely used.Hydraulic Winch

      Winch also known as hoist. The product is of high universality, compact structure, small size, light weight, a major, easy to use transfer, is widely used in construction, water conservancy, Forestry, mining, dock and other materials lifting or flat drag, can also be used as a modern electronic control automatic operation line supporting equipment.Hydraulic Winch

      The handle of the manual winch is provided with a stop (ratchet and Pawl) on the transmission mechanism to keep the weight in the desired position. Manual winches for assembling or lifting weights shall also be provided with safety handles and brakes. Manual winches are generally used in places with small weights, poor facilities or no power.Hydraulic Winch

      Electric winch is widely used in the heavy duty and the necessary traction. The motor of single reel electric winch is driven by the reducer, and the motor and the input shaft of the reducer are fitted with a brake. In order to meet the needs of lifting, traction and rotary operations, there are two reels and multiple reel device winch. A winch with a general rated load below 10T can be designed as an electric winch.Hydraulic Winch

      Hydraulic winch is mainly rated load of the winch, the general situation of the 10T above to 5000T winch design into a hydraulic winch. Winch According to the function can be divided into: Marine Winch: Marine winch can be divided into towed winch, mooring winch, anchor winch, traction winch and so on. Engineering Winch: Mainly used in engineering, to hoist and enhance the functions of the main. Mine winch: It is divided into hoist winch, dispatching winch, sinking winch, back-column winch, rake mine winch, back-column winch and so on. Cable winch: Mainly the winch used when laying the cable.Hydraulic Winch

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