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How To Install The Hydraulic Capstan Winch Car

Ningbo Xinhong Hydraulic Co.,Limited | Updated: Aug 26, 2017

             For the auto self-help, rescue, towing, can also be used for road removal and rescue vehicle towing fault truck and engineering installation, oil drilling and other site traction to draw the use of heavy objects, this series of products can also be widely used in fire engines, rescue vehicles, geology/petroleum/mining engineering.Hydraulic Capstan

             Winch Installation and Precautions: ⑴ to install the winch before checking the parts are complete, whether the damage phenomenon, if there is damage to the parts, must be replaced before installation. The ⑵ winch shall be mechanically 10 connected with the connecting seat or bracket. High strength bolts at level 9 or above are fixed to ensure sufficient connection strength. ⑶ winch Installation, to check whether the hydraulic pipeline is connected to the wrong, the clutch can be normal combination, separation, winch reel can be normal rotation, can not appear stuck phenomenon. ⑷ in the winch winding wire rope, the line loaded into the reel of the rope hole, and then tighten the screws, and in the rope working conditions, winding 4-5 laps, loading 3-5kn force to tighten the wire rope. ⑸ wire rope around and around the drum when the large deflection angle do not exceed 3 °, in order to prevent disorderly rope and winch force deflection. When the rope is stopped, the wire rope shall be pressed tightly to prevent the wire rope from loosening and disorderly rope. After the ⑹ winch is installed, the no-load operation should be carried out before or after the overload test, so that the motor can run smoothly. ⑺ lifting heavy weight or pull when the winch clutch is strictly prohibited, winch work, wire rope on the reel at least 5 laps. ⑻ is strictly prohibited winch overload to prevent damage to the winch and accidents.Hydraulic Capstan

              Hydraulic winch mainly by the planetary reducer, brakes, reel, hydraulic motor, etc., due to the use of floating planetary gear reducer, so that the operation of more stable, more reasonable structure: the use of multiple-piece friction brake, braking torque is large, safe and reliable. Its tonnage, respectively, 3 tons of winch, 4 tons of winch, 5 tons of winch, 6 tons of winch, 8 tons, 10 tons, 15 tons.Hydraulic Capstan

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