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Introduction To The Physical Properties Of Hydraulic Capstan

Ningbo Xinhong Hydraulic Co.,Limited | Updated: Aug 07, 2017

    Electric winch is the most common winch. Depending on the vehicle's own power system to drive the winch, the advantages: The vehicle can be used in the case of the basic normal use of the fire (this is its greatest advantage is unmatched by other winch), especially for the water area has a great advantage, installation simple can achieve multiple location installation and rapid displacement. Disadvantages: Cannot maintain long time use (the vehicle own power system limitation, oneself easy calorific and so on reason), most electric winch can provide the driving force is small, can only exert force in one Direction (install in front of the car can only pull forward, install in the rear only backward pull).Hydraulic Capstan
   Hydraulic winch, using the power/assist steering system of the vehicle as its power source, the power steering pump is used to provide the source force. Advantages: Easy installation, because of its external fixed part of the basic realization of the general, and even in the field can be achieved interchange, driving force in the field between electric and PTO winch, the occurrence of high temperature is extremely rare. Disadvantage: As with PTO winch, the engine driver must be used, that is, the engine must be maintained, and once the power steering system fails, it cannot be used (in some off-road situations, the power steering system is susceptible to external damage).Hydraulic Capstan
   Often check the depth indicator screw, nut wei dynamic situation, test deceleration alarm and over coil protection switch, if there is not sensitive phenomenon, should be timely adjustment and fastening. Check the main controller, electromagnet contactor, all kinds of relay signal devices, such as contact contacts burn damage, if there is burning phenomenon, should be repaired or replaced in time contact. Check the wire rope winding on the roller is neat, line fixed is firm, check the wire rope broken and wear inspection records. Check whether the coupling is loose, deformed and missing, check the axial channeling and clearance of the coupling, the radial displacement and the end face inclination meet the requirements, replace the damaged elastic aprons, and complement the fasteners that have fallen off the pins, nuts and washers. Often wipe the test equipment, cleaning dust debris, keep the machine bright net.Hydraulic Capstan
    Wheel winch, which is a relatively new winch system that is powered by the wheel shaft. The principle is to use 4 of the 6 fixed screws in most buggy wheels to fix the winch. Advantages: The installation/disassembly is extremely simple (and the tyre is a step) and the weight is very light (lighter than any other winch and will not be attached to the front overhang to bring the lethal extra weight), the price is cheap and can provide both front and rear tension. Disadvantage: At present, I know the shortcomings can be sure because the power point is the axle, so the position is too low, resulting in some conditions can not be used, but also must use engine power.Hydraulic Capstan

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