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Main Features Of Hydraulic Capstan

Ningbo Xinhong Hydraulic Co.,Limited | Updated: Sep 22, 2017

     Hydraulic winch is mainly characterized by its drive motor as a hydraulic motor, and can be used to drive a small amount of flow and pressure, so that the car will be driven by its own power steering pump, in addition to the solenoid valve control, 125% overload capacity and continuous work and other characteristics. Hydraulic Capstan

    According to the type of distribution valve, products can be divided into 12V and 24V control and high-pressure and low pressure type. According to the manufacturing process of reducer, the product can be divided into basic type and type A. This series of products set a number of patents in one.Hydraulic Capstan

    The reducer structure of hydraulic winch adopts a patented small-tooth difference star-wheel deceleration mechanism, and the Reducer assembly is composed of 1-stage less-tooth difference star-wheel deceleration, and the deceleration ratio is 67 and 75. Secondly, the clutch and the overall design of the winch have been improved and patented. Hydraulic Capstan

    As the hydraulic winch can be driven by the locomotive's own power steering hydraulic system, that is, the winch can be installed on the vehicle with only a steering hydraulic source, thus replacing the electric winch and overcoming the problem that the electric winch cannot operate continuously. It can also be used as engineering hydraulic winch.Hydraulic Capstan

    Hydraulic winch is an important functional part, often used for lifting and towing traction operations, hydraulic winch from light to heavy has a lot of specifications, commonly used hydraulic winch has worm gear and planetary gears deceleration two types of structural type. Hydraulic Capstan

    The winch is driven by a hydraulic motor, by reducing the speed and increasing the output torque in order to realize the relative heavy load traction capacity of the winch, worm-type hydraulic winch structure is relatively simple, easy to make, the transmission efficiency and production costs are relatively low, generally used in light hydraulic winch, and planetary wheeled hydraulic winch structure is relatively complex, The transmission ratio is big, the drive efficiency and the production cost are relatively high, generally used in medium and heavy hydraulic winch.Hydraulic Capstan

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