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Performance And Characteristics Of Hydraulic Motor

Ningbo Xinhong Hydraulic Co.,Limited | Updated: Aug 07, 2017

     Because there is no lateral force between the piston and the swing cylinder, the bottom of the piston is designed to balance the pressure between the piston and the crankshaft through the rolling bearing, which reduces the friction loss during transmission. Therefore, the GM series hydraulic motor has a high mechanical efficiency, high starting torque (mechanical efficiency at the start of more than 0.92) characteristics. The planar flow-current device is simple and reliable, and the sealing performance is improved, so the low-speed stability is good and the leakage is very low. The piston and the swing cylinder are sealed with a plastic piston ring without leakage, and thus have a high volumetric efficiency (up to 0.98).Hydraulic Motor
    Because the structure reduces the friction loss, enhances the seal performance, thus the low-speed stability is good, may operate smoothly under the 1r/min condition, the speed Regulation range is big (the velocity adjustment ratio can reach 1000). As the piston and bearing sleeve through the clasp affixed to the gap, so the series of hydraulic motors can be operated under pump conditions, when the oil inlet closed after the motor can operate at high speed under the free wheel operating conditions. This series of hydraulic motor pressure is high, the maximum pressure can be large 45MPa. Light weight, small size, high power. Because of its simple structure, reasonable design and high load bearing capacity, the work is reliable, long life, low noise, and the shaft is allowed to withstand radial load, the rotation direction can be reversed.Hydraulic Motor
    Features: From the standpoint of energy conversion, hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor are reversible hydraulic components, to any kind of hydraulic pump into the working fluid, can make it into a hydraulic motor working condition; Conversely, when the main shaft of the hydraulic motor is driven by the external torque, it can also be changed into a hydraulic pump. Because they have the same basic structural elements-closed and can be cyclical changes in volume and the corresponding oil distribution agencies.Hydraulic Motor
   However, because of the different working conditions of the hydraulic motor and the hydraulic pump, the performance requirements are not the same, so there are still many differences between the same type of hydraulic motor and the hydraulic pump. First, the hydraulic motor should be able to reverse, and thus require its internal structure symmetry; The speed range of the hydraulic motor needs to be large enough, especially for its lowest stable speed. As a result, it usually adopts rolling bearing or hydrostatic bearing; Secondly, the hydraulic motor is not required to have the self-priming ability because of the operation under the condition of the input pressure oil, but it needs some initial sealing property to provide the necessary starting torque. Because of these differences, hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps are structurally similar, but not reversible.Hydraulic Motor

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