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Take You A Comprehensive Understanding Of The Gearbox

Ningbo Xinhong Hydraulic Co.,Limited | Updated: May 25, 2017

As long as casually ask the car ready to buy, almost all from their mouth to hear about the Gearbox of the discussion: performance on behalf of DSG, fuel-efficient master CVT, micro car car favorite AMT, hand Tiptronic, luxury BMW 8 gear Gearbox. Of course, do not split each other a few, DSG fans despise the driving feeling of CVT soft; support the traditional hand-user users also ridicule DSG little problems; of course, do not forget, there have been stick to the manual block " Any automatic Gearbox in their eyes are heresy, not worth mentioning.

In the centuries-old history of the automobile industry, there is certainly no one in the era of Gearbox technology can be so much more popular and colorful today, we can almost assert that in the next hundred years, the impact of Gearbox technology on the people certainly less than we This era: in the near future, now the meaning of the Gearbox may be completely disappeared.

The development of technology is because people's needs, and people's greatest demand is: more and more convenient, more and more high-performance cars. For example, no matter how many "manual block royalist", automatic car are quickly eroded manual car market. Gearbox is only the pursuit of the process of a derivative of the fun only, its own existence and development are actually from the power source, that is, we often say that the engine.

Before the advent of the era of electric drive, in order to squeeze the traditional engine performance limit, coupled with the different understanding of the car culture of the car, we may be in a twenty years to see the history of the automotive industry's most brilliant Gearbox war. We will be a series of articles, through the development of Gearbox technology, to users in-depth explanation of the Gearbox technology, to provide a reference to the car, to further improve the Gearbox skills, deepen the understanding of the car.

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