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The Necessary Knowledge Of The Gearbox

Ningbo Xinhong Hydraulic Co.,Limited | Updated: Jun 21, 2017

   The transmission is used to change the speed and torque from the engine mechanism, it can be fixed or sub-file to change the output shaft and input shaft transmission ratio, also known as gearbox. Transmission by the variable speed transmission mechanism and control mechanism, and some cars have power output mechanism. Most of the transmission mechanism with ordinary gear drive, and some with the planetary gear drive. Ordinary gear transmission mechanism is generally used sliding gear and synchronizer.Gearbox  When the relationship between the number of teeth of the driven gear and the number of teeth of the driving gear is changed, the transmission ratio i changes, and the rotational speed of the output shaft is changed under the condition that the engine speed is constant. A pair of meshing gears, the use of the number of teeth will not change, so its transmission ratio is fixed. If a number of gears with different number of teeth on the input shaft and the corresponding number of teeth on the output shaft are also engaged, a set of transmission gears of different transmission ratios i can be obtained. Automotive transmission is in accordance with this basic principle to achieve shift speed.Gearbox   The forward gear, which allows the car to move forward. Reverse gear, can make the car back to the stalls. Neutral gears are not in the working position of the gears, and the engine power input to the input shaft is no longer transmitted to the output shaft. Direct file. The engine power does not pass through any gears in the transmission, but is called a direct file output via the transmission input shaft and the output shaft directly connected to it as a direct output. Direct gear ratio is 1. Overdrive. That is, the output shaft speed is higher than the input shaft speed gear. Number of files. Is the number of stalls that the stepped gearbox has. Commonly used gearbox number of four to five files, and the third gear transmission has been rare. The more the gears, the better the adaptability of the vehicle to the driving conditions, the lower the fuel consumption, but the more complex the transmission mechanism and the steering mechanism, making the operation difficult and costly. Low grade, high grade. In the transmission gear, the small number of stalls called low, the smaller the number of stalls, the greater the transmission ratio, the greater the traction, and the lower the speed. Such as a gear transmission than in the forward gear in the largest, the lowest speed, the largest traction. Digital large stalls that high-grade, the greater the number, the smaller the transmission ratio, the smaller the traction, but the higher the speed.Gearbox

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