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Troubleshooting Method Of Bearing Damage After One Axle Of Gearbox

Ningbo Xinhong Hydraulic Co.,Limited | Updated: Aug 04, 2017

                A CA6440 light bus, after traveling 40,000 kilometers, continuously appears the transmission first axle rear bearing (50306#) damage failure. In the process of eliminating this fault, several times the transmission, no abnormal phenomenon detected; measuring torsion bar spring adjustment screws, height of 42mm, attached to the standard; Check the position of the keyway between the torsion bar spring and the fixed arm of both ends--the two levers are dismantled and the problem is not found. Just the left side of the torsion bar spring adjustment screws and the rear fixed arm between the rubber pad damage, the replacement of rubber pads, troubleshooting. So far more than 5,000 kilometers, the bearing work is still normal.Gearbox

               CA6440 Light bus, the front suspension with longitudinal torsion bar spring independent suspension, through the connecting rod and the frame and steering knuckle connected. The torsion bar spring is connected with the lower control arm through the torsion arm, and the lower control arm is connected with the frame through the front cross beam to form the front support. The torsion bar spring is connected with the transmission support beam through a fixed arm, a adjusting screw and a transmission support beam connected with the frame. The force and torque of each direction are transmitted by the connecting rod system and the torsion torque is subjected to the torsion bar spring. In the course of driving, when the front wheel meets the horizontal direction of the impact, from the front wheel, the steering knuckle through the torsion bar spring to the transmission support beam and the frame; When the front wheel encounters the impact of the vertical direction, the front suspension passes through the torsion bar spring into the torsion torque, which is transmitted to.Gearbox

              The front wheel is subjected to various impact force and torque energy, from tires, shock absorbers, steering knuckle, pull rod springs, transmission beams and frame and other parts gradually absorbed, thus ensuring the ride comfort and safety of the car. In order to make both sides of the front wheel in the direction of the force and torque, can be effectively absorbed and consumed, in the installation of torsion bar spring, to add a certain amount of preload torque. This pre-torsion is equivalent to a large spring, with the shock absorber in conjunction with the damping effect, but also effectively absorb from the front wheel in all directions of the force and torque generated by the energy. In order to make the two spring torsion bars have the same preload, the installation and adjustment of torsion bar spring must be operated strictly according to the technical standard, so as to ensure the balance of the two front wheels in the transfer force and torque as well as the absorption energy process.Gearbox

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