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Troubleshooting Steps For Hydraulic Winch

Ningbo Xinhong Hydraulic Co.,Limited | Updated: Jul 14, 2017

             The first step: the operation of other actions such as: walking. Turn on the car and so on, if the other action is normal, the main pump is normal. The pilot is normal, which confirms that the fault is in the primary volume system itself, and it has nothing to do with it.

              The second step: the control of the main roll handle, the lifting of the pressure, can monitor the main pump pressure. The main coil AB tubing beating and whether the engine hold the car, etc.Hydraulic Winch

             Step three: If the operation of the main volume of the handle is not pressure, then from easy to difficult steps, first of all from the electrical start, the front has confirmed that the main pump is normal, but at this time the main volume is not oil, the main control valve spool is not open, the main valve by the pilot control, and the pilot is electrically controlled, so first to find the main coil pilot solenoid valve whether there is electricity or detect solenoid valve spool is stuck, if the pilot is normal, then check the main valve core whether or not to stay.

            Step Fourth: If there is pressure, explain the main coil of the circuit. The circuits are all normal, and the fault is locked in the BVD valve. Brake pressure-main coil motor-brakes-Main coil reducer this piece.Hydraulic Winch

             Step Fifth: The change to let the drill pipe away from the main volume load, push the floating button, if the main volume can be rotated, that is not the brakes and reducer problems, it is likely that the brake pressure is insufficient, to take out the pressure gauge to detect the braking pressure.

            Step Sixth: If the Open floating main volume still does not turn, the motor tubing is removed from the case, and then control the main roll handle, see if the motor can rotate normally, if not rotating, indicating the problem in the motor or BVD valve (Rexroth motor and BVD not separated, so you can directly replace the assembly)

            Step seventh: If the motor out can be rotated and the reducer inside no gear oil outflow, it is likely to be the brake piece sintering, the brakes removed, check the brake pads and brake seals (note: The drum can not be loaded when the brake)

             Step eighth: The rest is only the reducer, if the reducer gear or bearing damage and can not be rotated, in general, the internal damage is serious, it is recommended to replace the assembly, shipped back to the factory in check whether can be repaired.Hydraulic Winch

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