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Variable Speed System Of Hydraulic Winch

Ningbo Xinhong Hydraulic Co.,Limited | Updated: Sep 22, 2017

     Vector control variable Frequency hydraulic winch system model as shown in Fig. 1, the system is mainly composed of the driving part, the hydraulic volume throttle speed control system and the winch drum loading system 3 parts. The driving part consists of a frequency converter and a frequency conversion motor, which has 3 input signals, that is, the flux setting signal, the speed setting signal and the open and closed loop conversion signal.Hydraulic Winch

     The hydraulic volume throttling system consists of a closed loop consisting of a quantitative pump and a quantitative motor, and a bypass throttle speed control circuit composed of proportional throttle valves. The quantitative pump is driven by the variable frequency motor to realize volume throttling compound speed regulation. Hydraulic Winch

     The loading part is a winch, which consists of a drum, a hoisting wire rope and a lifting load. Hydraulic component library and mechanical library in software to establish the hydraulic simulation model, the vector control Inverter motor simulation model of FIG. 2 is built into a super component and combined with the hydraulic winch simulation model, the simulation model of the vector controlled variable frequency hydraulic winch is established as shown in Fig. 1.Hydraulic Winch

     For variable frequency hydraulic winch, as the quantitative pump and variable frequency motor have a certain minimum stable speed, when the pump speed is lower than its minimum stable speed, the quantitative pump can not work properly; when the speed of the inverter motor is lower than a certain value, the electromagnetic torque set up can not drive the external load.Hydraulic Winch

    At the time of Ascension, the bypass throttle valve is fully open, giving the motor a minimum stable speed at a given speed, so that it works at the lowest stable speed of the pump. Since the bypass throttle valve is fully open, the motor starts in no-load condition, when the quantitative motor has no rotary motion output. After the motor starts to turn off the throttle valve gradually, the motor starts to turn. The throttle valve closes and then gives the inverter an acceleration instruction, and the quantitative motor works along a given speed curve.Hydraulic Winch

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